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After successfully bringing the Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State) workshop to a wrap, the jæmers developed æpps on æternity blockchain by putting all they had been taught during the 10 weeks workshop series to good use and in turn, they created some outstanding and groundbreaking æpps.

æpps — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)
æpps — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

In creating these æpps, ækiti(aeternityekiti.chain) team created a guide where the jæmers decentralized æpps built on aeternity blockchain can be found. The guide is a combination of 10 (ten) different æpps, an extension of the jæmers themselves who put their hearts and souls into creating these æpps including;

* AeTweet

AeTwaet — Yinka Adedokun


The second episode of the ækiti æmbassy’s Local SuperheroLeague started with a bang as the league began in the meeting room and was simultaneously live on YouTube.

OpenSource with æternity
OpenSource with æternity

The host kicked off the event with an introductory speech welcoming all the guests, speakers, and organizers to the celebration of OpenSource. She introduced the theme of the event “OpenSource with æternity” and promised that the event would be informative for those who have little to no knowledge of either OpenSource, Superhero, æternity or Hacktoberfest. Before she went on, the host introduced herself as “Akinola Blessing Debby and her co-host Chidinma Amanna”, she ‘a content writer and the technical content writer for the ækiti community, the CEO of CrystalBay enterprises and an android development enthusiast’.

She went further to introduce…

The first-ever local SuperheroLeague was carefully organized by the ækiti community with “A Look Beyond the Veil of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies” as the key theme ended with a blast.

A Look Beyond the Veil of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
A Look Beyond the Veil of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

After rigorous weeks of planning, tireless nights, and effort put in by the ækiti team in picking the best individuals to anchor the first-ever Local SuperheroLeague and made it a success, four amazing personalities were selected; they came together to make it as incredible as it can be.

The ækiti first SuperheroLeague began with an introduction from the league host ‘Akinola Blessing Debby,’ welcoming everyone to the league. The host gave a simple presentation of herself and an explanation of what the league was all about. Right before the first speaker came to the stage for her session, a few…

The best thing I love about 'SuperHero' is the ability to reward a good deed using just a simple web address. Isn't that amazing?


They say Superhero is a fully Peer-to-peer (P2P) social money network through which users can tip any Uniform Resource Locator (URL), but I say SuperHero is an exceptional open-source blockchain technology that promotes giving in a decentralized way using æternity blockchain technology. Okay wait, What is æternity?

I think of æternity as a blockchain technology that has a strong aim of solving blockchain scalability issues. However, technically æternity blockchain is an Erlang-based scalable smart contract platform engineered by programming pioneers to address some of the most fundamental challenges native to earlier blockchains; while generally, æternity is an open-source blockchain platform…

For the third online session of the Developers Study Jæm(Ekiti State) for our developers who cannot be present physically, we looked into the Interplanetary File System(IPFS).

After writing our smart contract, building our UI and using æternity JavaScript SDK to interact with our smart contract for storing and retrieving books from the library we then included the IPFS technology to handle book images on the blockchain.

We made use of IPFS and axois JavaScript library to handle the book image by editing our smart contract and adding the parameter image to the book record; making it a data type…

After successfully planning, structuring and restructuring the database architecture for the AEchat æpp and learning how to sync in real-time the past week, Week 8 began with the lead and co-leads pride for the jæmers willingness to learn, progress and their accomplishment so far.

Week 8— Developer Study Jæm
Week 8— Developer Study Jæm

Week 8 of the Developers Study Jæm(Ekiti State) started with the test run of the AEchat æpp using the AEproject test feature to write Unit test.

After successfully test running the AEchat æpp, we kicked day 1 off with the jæmers continuing to write their dacade project, working more on the JavaScript this time since…

For our second online session of the Developers Study Jæm(Ekiti State) for our developers online, we decided to look at Integrating SmartContract.

After writing our book library smart contract, we moved on to writing the UI and also making use of our smart contract using æternity JavaScript SDK.

Integrating SmartContract was divided into four parts in this online session in which part one was to write out HTML codes, part two was HTML and CSS code, part three was using æternity JavaScript SDK to utilize the smart contract written and part four was deploying our æpp on GitHub and…

Week 7 began with heightened excitement and intense enthusiasm of the jæmers as they came with their all-out readiness to design, restructure and learn further in the workshop series.

Week 7— Developer Study Jæm
Week 7— Developer Study Jæm

After successfully planning and structuring the database architecture for the AEchat æpp using Sophia, the jæmers learned how to sync real-time data from æternity blockchain record so the chat can be seen in real-time.

Day 1 of week 7 began with the jæmers planning their database architecture on the chat æpp. They also solved the problem of reading chat in real-time. That is; once a user sends a message, after…

As promised last week, the first online session of the Developers Study Jæm (Ekiti) online series for our developers online began with an Introduction To Sophia.

Sophia is customized for smart contracts, which can be published to æternity BlockChain.

During the online session, Sophia was introduced by giving an overview of how to write a SmartContract using FireEditor; an example of the "Book library" was sighted to help the developers grasp a better understanding of what the series is all about.

We created a SmartContract to save and retrieve books in a library. We started by creating a contract…

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ækiti is a community of techies that learns and provides solutions using æternity technologies. #AENS: aeternityekiti.chain

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