ækiti is back and better!!!

Oyo State DevStudyJæm Registration Flyer
Oyo State — Developer Study Jæm

There was nothing ever wrong with the ækiti brand, but anything good can be better and the team never misses the opportunity to improve. After being inactive for a while due to Covid-19s, the physical sector of ækiti workshops/events is back, rebranded and with the hottest new series.

First for those who are new to the blockchain brand, the æternity according to BitcoinWiki, is аn open-source decentralised apps platform utilising next-generation, highly scalable, public blockchain technology. Its off-chain smart contracts use real-world and real-time data by interacting with built-in oracles. And for ækiti, we are a super community made up of techies (designers, writers, developers, technologists, etc) who come together to develop and provide solutions using æternity technology.

æUnited Logo Animation

ækiti’s mother brand, formerly known as the æmbassy programme, rebranded which also included a name change as well a logo revamp and due to this change, ækiti æmbassy needed to change its name as well as its logo. This rebranding project's major aim and objective were to create a new visual identity and name for ækiti that goes in line with the new community program; æUnited and beyond.

ækiti rebrand

A logo isn’t for communication, it is simply for identification, therefore, a good logo doesn’t say much; it simply follows the criteria for a perfect logo; It should be simple, Appropriate, Distinct and Versatile. Putting into consideration, the visual appearance of the mother brand, æUnited, ækiti decides to apply some of her major features to the new logo which includes the bold lettering as well as the colouring while still maintaining the same concept to preserve brand equity, a more minimalistic approach was taken for this concept.

Now, ækiti is organising a new Developer Study Jæm for Oyo State in Nigeria!!!. The last study jæm was awesome and 10 jæmmers provided solutions by building æpps and Superchæt and won incredible prizes. Registration has begun and you don’t want to miss it. To register for the Oyo State DevStudyJæm, fill the form below.

Registration Form — Oyo State — DevStudyJæm

To learn more about ækiti, our achievements and our past events & workshops, see the video below to watch the new infographic video and let our awesomeness wow you.

Introduction Video — Oyo State — DevStudyJæm

Be on the lookout for more information to get in on the upcoming Developer Study Jæm happening live in Oyo State, Nigeria coming real soon. Register Now!!!




ækiti is a community of techies that learns and provides solutions using æternity technologies. #AENS: aeternityekiti.chain

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ækiti æmbassy

ækiti æmbassy

ækiti is a community of techies that learns and provides solutions using æternity technologies. #AENS: aeternityekiti.chain

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