æpps — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

æpps — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)
æpps — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)
AeTwaet — Yinka Adedokun
RideArt — Amaka Ubaka
Stherfix — Oluwatosin Ayeni
GeoHostel — Hammed Ejilola
AePhotos — Pelumi Emmanuel
Hospital Management System — Favour Adeshina
Jænet — Janet Babajide
CrimRec — Stephen Nwankwo
Student Results Recorder — Salawu AbdulMalik
AEQuiz — Moyinoluwa Fesobi
  1. Is there any security measure that protects our privacy? Presently, we only make use of the contract where all messages, friends are mapped to an address(Where the address is the function caller). Although we are working more on encrypting messages sent.
  2. How do I edit my profile? With a simple click of the profile picture, you can always edit your profile.
  3. Can I send tokens to a friend? As of now, no but this alongside sending images and other files will be rolling out soon.
  4. Why should I use AEchat? With AEchat all you need is an address to send messages, files, and token(rolling out soon).
  5. Can I use AEchat outside base æpp? This feature is in progress as AEchat is presently a PWA site that will remotely connect to base æpp soon.
  6. Where can I get support if I’m having problems with the AEchat website? Please leave your comments, suggestions, as well as reports on any issues as a comment below or send a mail to info@aekiti.com.



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ækiti æmbassy

ækiti æmbassy

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