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After successfully bringing the Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State) workshop to a wrap, the jæmers developed æpps on æternity blockchain by putting all they had been taught during the 10 weeks workshop series to good use and in turn, they created some outstanding and groundbreaking æpps.

æpps — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)
æpps — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

In creating these æpps, ækiti(aeternityekiti.chain) team created a guide where the jæmers decentralized æpps built on aeternity blockchain can be found. The guide is a combination of 10 (ten) different æpps, an extension of the jæmers themselves who put their hearts and souls into creating these æpps including;

* AeTweet

AeTwaet — Yinka Adedokun

AeTwaet is a decentralized æpp built using æternity technologies and JavaScript by Yinka Enoch Adedokun. The æpp mainly runs on æternity blockchain through the Sophia smart contract written and interacts with the UI using æternity JavaScript SDK. It is a streamlined version of Twitter where users can twæt and receive tips as even the User Interface was built to make the user feel they are on a decentralized Twitter. One of the cool features of AeTwaet is the ability to receive tips from anyone on the platform which makes a user more popular or highly rated with the amount of crypto value obtained from a Twæt. A major push that inspired the thought and creation of this æpp is the Medium clap feature.


RideArt — Amaka Ubaka

RideArt is a transportation web æpp on æternity blockchain developed by Amaka Ubaka. It also makes use of æternity JavaScript SDK for the Sophia smart contract integration. RideArt is an aepp that helps users get to their destination with absolute ease by booking a ride at their convenience thereby saving them from the stress of public transportation. It has a record-keeping feature that shows its users their previous rides while the admin has access to all users alongside their rides.


Stherfix — Oluwatosin Ayeni

Stherfix is an æpp developed using æternity technologies(Sophia SmartContract and æternity JS SDK) by Oluwatosin Ayeni. This aepp helps to create personalized booking experiences for dental check-ups by making reservations from any device. Stherfix has a profile feature that makes a user register on the æpp using his/her æternity wallet address. With this profile feature, a user can see his appointments(previous and recent) while the admin manages the whole system.


GeoHostel — Hammed Ejilola

GeoHostel is an æpp developed by Hammed Ejilola that makes use of æternity and IPFS technology. It makes use of the 6.1.2 æternity JS SDK version alongside it’s Sophia smart contract while IPFS handles the image storing on the internet by saving the image hash on the smartcontract. GeoHostel solves the problem or difficulty of getting hostels on campus with its role enabled feature. A caretaker or landlord adds a hostel including the image, facilities, and amount(in AE value) of the hostel and a user can reserve the hostel by paying the stipulated value added by the hostel manager. The manager can then see all the hostels he/she has added to the system while the users can see the list of the hostel he/she has reserved while the admin has overall access.


AePhotos — Pelumi Emmanuel

AEPhotos is also an æpp on æternity blockchain that was built by Pelumi Emmanuel. It makes use of the version 6.1.2 æternity JavaScript SDK to communicate with its smart contract. AEphotos is a streamlined version of Google Photos that helps users to store images including the image name on the blockchain. AEphotos utilities IPFS technology to save these images on the blockchain and finally saves the IPFS hash in the smart contract including the image name. Unlike Google Photos, AEPhotos helps stop the duplicating of the same image across the internet with the included IPFS technology.

*Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System — Favour Adeshina

Hospital Management System or HMS for short is also an æpp built on æternity blockchain. HMS was developed by Favour Adeshina and also runs using Sophia smart contract and æternity JavaScript SDK for contract calls. HMS, as the name implies, is an æpp built for not just hospitals but all healthcare services. HMS helps to keep patient records including all medical treatment(s) given to a patient by a particular doctor. One of the amazing features of HMS is the restriction functionality in the smart contract where there is patient, doctor, and admin role. A patient can register for free while there is a payment of 2æ for doctor registration and the admin has the right to all data. HMS also utilizes the use of IPFS technology to handle patient and doctor display picture respectively.


Jænet — Janet Babajide

Jænet is an app that fully runs using æternity Sophia smart contract developed by Janet Babajide. It makes use of æternity JavaScript SDK for its smartcontract integration. As the æpp name implies, Jænet is a portfolio site that showcases paperwork designs up for sale. It’s is strictly role-based æpp where only the admin has access to add a design, update the ‘about me' content and also see the list of all transactions made on the system. The users can purchase a design using AE tokens and also see the list of their transactions including the quantity and price at the My Designs section of æpp. Jænet also utilizes the use of IPFS technology to handle the design image by saving the image hash in its smartcontract record.


CrimRec — Stephen Nwankwo

CrimRec is also an æpp on æternity blockchain that makes use of æternity JavaScript SDK to communicate with its Sophia smartcontract. CrimRec as developed by Stephen Nwankwo and its main purpose is to register and store information about criminals. This æpp helps both Police and prison service ineffective record keeping. Its mode of operation is pretty easy as it’s users need to register a criminal first then add as much as a possible crime/offense paramount to the criminal at any appointed time thereby saving the date of crime as well as the date the criminal was created.

*Student Results Recorder

Student Results Recorder — Salawu AbdulMalik

Student Results Recorder(SRR) is an æpp fully on æternity blockchain built by Salawu AbdulMalik. This æpp also makes use of the version 6.1.2 æterniy JavaScript SDK for the smart contract integration. The push that inspired the creation of SRR is institutions in Nigeria to solve a particular problem of student result keeping. SRR can restrict users of some privileges depending on the role the user has. It has 3 roles which include student, coordinator, and chancellor which has their state records respectively in the smart contract. SRR’s main purpose is to keep student results on the blockchain to avoid changing or loss of the student’s record. A student after registration can see his/her results, a coordinator has access to add student’s results while the chancellor can monitor the whole system.


AEQuiz — Moyinoluwa Fesobi

AEQuiz is an æpp developed by Moyinoluwa Fesobi. It is an app that makes use of æternity JavaScript SDK to interact with it’s Sophia Smart Contract. AEQuiz, as the name implies, was created to ask it’s users questions in the form of a quiz which engages the audience in a unique and fun way by giving points on correctly answered questions. It has a question page where the admin can add or delete questions from the smart contract questions record. The exciting feature AEQuiz has is the ability to engage the users in a competitive way using the Scoreboard feature. The Scoreboard feature allows users to add their obtained points from the quiz as a high score. This high score can be updated as long as the user wishes to update it.

As we all know that we were developing a chat æpp use case during the workshop series. Paramount to Week 8 Write Up, AEchat is live for beta testing at https://aechat-aekiti.web.app.

What is AEchat?
AEchat is a decentralized chat æpp on æternity blockchain that utilizes ReactJS, IPFS, Google, and of course æternity technology. AEchat is an open-source project where contributions are highly welcome on GitHub.


  1. Are the messages stored in plain text in the contract? For now, all messages are stored as plain text.
  2. Is there any security measure that protects our privacy? Presently, we only make use of the contract where all messages, friends are mapped to an address(Where the address is the function caller). Although we are working more on encrypting messages sent.
  3. How do I edit my profile? With a simple click of the profile picture, you can always edit your profile.
  4. Can I send tokens to a friend? As of now, no but this alongside sending images and other files will be rolling out soon.
  5. Why should I use AEchat? With AEchat all you need is an address to send messages, files, and token(rolling out soon).
  6. Can I use AEchat outside base æpp? This feature is in progress as AEchat is presently a PWA site that will remotely connect to base æpp soon.
  7. Where can I get support if I’m having problems with the AEchat website? Please leave your comments, suggestions, as well as reports on any issues as a comment below or send a mail to info@aekiti.com.

Learn more about AEchat using the link below.



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