Integrating SmartContract(Online Session) — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

For our second online session of the Developers Study Jæm(Ekiti State) for our developers online, we decided to look at Integrating SmartContract.

After writing our book library smart contract, we moved on to writing the UI and also making use of our smart contract using JavaScript SDK.

Integrating SmartContract was divided into four parts in this online session in which part one was to write out HTML codes, part two was HTML and CSS code, part three was using æternity JavaScript SDK to utilize the smart contract written and part four was deploying our æpp on GitHub and running it on base æpp

For the part one and two of the session, we wrote the HTML and CSS codes of the book library that does mainly what our smart contract is doing; adding books to the library and retrieving books from the library on æternity blockchain. We wrote the HTML codes, functions, the elements which were divided into different sections and the CSS codes and JavaScript; CSS to style it and JavaScript for the behavior (making the menu icon open and close the nav item).

Part three of the integrating smart contract session, involved us utilizing the smart contract by bringing in our smart contract into our æpp using æternity JavaScript SDK creating different functions to add books to and get books to the library. At the initial stage, we wrote our smart contract address, gotten by deploying our smart contract on FireEditor, then we added our contract source; the whole contract code. We then created our Event Listener which fetch all book data using our smart contract on the page load.

Finally, for part four, we created a GitHub repo the deployed our project so as to get a GitHub page like to test our æpp on base æpp.



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