Introduction To Sophia(Online Session) — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

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2 min readApr 4, 2020

As promised last week, the first online session of the Developers Study Jæm (Ekiti) online series for our developers online began with an Introduction To Sophia.

Sophia is customized for smart contracts, which can be published to æternity BlockChain.

During the online session, Sophia was introduced by giving an overview of how to write a SmartContract using FireEditor; an example of the "Book library" was sighted to help the developers grasp a better understanding of what the series is all about.

We created a SmartContract to save and retrieve books in a library. We started by creating a contract and named it “BookLibrary”, then went on to create a record “bookInfo” to collect all the book information(title, ISBN and date of books).

We moved forward by creating our state record where we mapped each book to an address that served as the users’ address, we further created the init function which initialized the SmartContract and also gets the variables at the initialized state.

Then we created the function to get all books stored in the library added by a user and also created a function to add a book to the library.

The session was prerecorded and the video was uploaded on YouTube. Every developer willing and ready to learn is thereby encouraged to watch it anytime they are free and at their own comfort.



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