SuperHero — ækiti

  1. tips sent through SuperHero are immortalized on æternity blockchain,
  2. tips made through the SuperHero are aggregated and published on,
  3. SuperHero is an open-source project i.e other websites may use this for their own purposes,
  4. with SuperHero, there are no third-party custodians to declare whether a content creator can be monetized or not.
  1. Send tips to URLs
  2. Receive tips from supporters
  3. Read and interact with other users
  4. Tip other Superhero users through their posts and comments
  5. Build up your profile, reputation
  1. No custodians to dictate what can and cannot be monetized, except via on-chain governance.
  2. After one (1) year, the unclaimed tips can be retrieved by the tip senders.
Getting Started With SuperHero

Desktop Browser Extension

Mobile Devices

Web Wallet

Getting Started with SuperHero



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