Week 7 — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

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3 min readApr 8, 2020


Week 7 began with heightened excitement and intense enthusiasm of the jæmers as they came with their all-out readiness to design, restructure and learn further in the workshop series.

After successfully planning and structuring the database architecture for the AEchat æpp using Sophia, the jæmers learned how to sync real-time data from æternity blockchain record so the chat can be seen in real-time.

Day 1 of week 7 began with the jæmers planning their database architecture on the chat æpp. They also solved the problem of reading chat in real-time. That is; once a user sends a message, after accepting the friend request on the AEchat æpp, the recipient of the message would be able to get that message in real-time without having to refresh the page.

After planning and solving the problem of reading chat in real-time, the jæmers went through the Developers Study Jæm playlist on our YouTube channel to help refresh their memories on everything they have learned so far.

They began by going through the 'Introduction to Sophia' course, then went on to the 'Integrating smart contract' course and finally went to review the 'IPFS course'. When the jæmers have successfully reviewed the videos and refreshed their memories, they started writing their smart contract better and learned new functions they could add on their smart contract; they enhanced their previously written smart contract for their decade submission and they continued working towards their decade submission.

After they had written their smart contract well and had tested it with FireEditor, they started writing their HTML and CSS codes for their web æpp. Then the jæmers started writing their JavaScript all in preparation of the submission on dacade so as to receive their $75 bounty for æternity development 101 course. The chat æpp development continued to progress as the UI was fixed and fully written.

The architecture for the whole chat æpp became well structured; from sending friend requests, to accepting the request, to chatting and most importantly setting profile.

The jæmers structured the æpp in such a way that the users had to first have added their profile and while adding the profile, a picture of the user which is stored on the blockchain using IPFS technology. After filing the profile, the users can then send a friend request using the "friend's" æternity wallet address, imputing the wallet address of such individual sends a friend request. If the friend accepts the request, then the two users' profile appears on each other's friend list giving the users the ability to send messages to one another; messages that are stored on the blockchain with limited gas fees and the messages are received in real-time.

The week ended with the jæmers successfully completing their smartcontract and writing their UI all for their dacade submissions.



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