Week 8 — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

After successfully planning, structuring and restructuring the database architecture for the AEchat æpp and learning how to sync in real-time the past week, Week 8 began with the lead and co-leads pride for the jæmers willingness to learn, progress and their accomplishment so far.

Week 8— Developer Study Jæm
Week 8— Developer Study Jæm

Week 8 of the Developers Study Jæm(Ekiti State) started with the test run of the AEchat æpp using the AEproject test feature to write Unit test.

After successfully test running the AEchat æpp, we kicked day 1 off with the jæmers continuing to write their dacade project, working more on the JavaScript this time since they had completed their smart contract and also the User Interface in Week 7 of the Study Jæm series. On the JavaScript, the jæmers worked on the aspect of using æternity JavaScript SDK to connect their smart contract to their sites.

On Day 2, some of the Jæmers completed their dacade projects, this definitely made the organizers proud and impressed with their zealousness; the other jæmers equally continued the work on their own dacade project.

The organizers decided to take a break and use that time to shout out to some of the communities that the developers registered for the Developers Study Jæm series.

We then deployed our AEchat æpp on Testnet and it was ready for beta test thereby successfully ending Week 8.



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