Week Four — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

After rounding up on the installation of AEproject on the jæmers system, ReactJS was introduced.

Week 4 — Developer Study Jæm
Week 4 — Developer Study Jæm

ReactJS is a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces and makes creating Interactive User Interfaces painless(Single Page Applications). When designing simple views for each state in an application, ReactJs will help in efficiently updating and render just the right components when the data changes.

Jesulonimi Akingbesote kick-started the study jæm by explaining ReactJS fully using CodeSandbox(online text editor) to illustrate. He spoke about functions, sectioning applications, properties, files, using state to change a variable, multiple methods to change passing properties from a function to the other, readable for other users, and lots more by building a simple To-do list on the editor.

To-do List — Sandbox

The jæmers then installed ReactJS using 'npm i -g create-react-app' command after getting a detailed explanation of the process. Note that you can also add ReactJS to your existing site using the CDN links.

Emmanuel Joseph(JET) then explained how ReactJS can be used to build a decentralized website using AEproject. He spoke about how to use AEproject shape technology to get a boilerplate of a To-Do list æpp built on æternity blockchain using aeproject shape react command.

Jesulonimi took over to explain how æternity is making use of ReactJS to build awesome dæpp easily while connecting to a node. Learn more on GitHub.

Learn more about node at the documentation hub.



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