Week Three — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

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As we move deeper into the study jæm, the Jæmers are even more enthusiastic than ever and eager to learn and build amazing solutions as they all got Swags(Shirt, Jotter and Pen) to enhance publicity of the workshop series.

To see if the students were really following, the session of the week started with the facilitators asking questions just to ensure the students have been actively learning . To make learning more efficient and improve teamwork, they were grouped into four. Each group encompassing three people each.

Assesment Test(Week 1– 3) — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

Emmanuel Joseph (Jet) started the class by explaining ownership of a function in Smart Contract. He explained that it means making a function restricted. He further showed them how to integrate a SmartContract using Javascript instead of the time consuming method well known(writing two different methods known as CallStatic and CallFunction). He then mentioned AEproject(ætermity’s technology) project and showed how to initialize a folder using the aeproject init command after downloading the package.

According to æternity, AEproject is an æternity framework which helps with setting up a project. The framework makes the development of smart contracts in the aeternity network pretty easy. It provides commands for compilation, deployment of smart contracts, running a local node, local compiler and unit testing the contracts.

Æ project has five different packages which are:

  • aeproject-cli
  • aeproject-lib
  • aeproject-logger
  • aeproject-config
  • aeproject- utils

The GitHub repository for Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State) is updated weekly to help Jæmers study and revise.

Jesulonimi Akingbesote took the jæmers through the process of installation of AEproject on their various system, Gitbook documentation of AEproject and Firebase and then explained how other database technology like Google Firebase can be implemented on the Blockchain.

Firebase can be used to authenticate users in your decentralized web app, store users data(Firestore or Realtime database), and lots more which makes your æpp perform a lot of cool functions



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